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DomesticPreemptive Spanking

Spanking and black girls preview images, from Spanked At Home, with:Kendra

Kendra had only a vague idea about what would be ahead of her, when she was only minutes before her domestic preemptive spanking. The imagination of her first corporal punishment ever, certainly made her nervous. And in a way she was clear about it that this won\'t be an easy walkover. But really, if she had only a ROUGH idea of what really happened when the punishment started, she very likely would have taken to her heels! Pain to a scale that she simply did not expect... Accompanied by embarrassment and humiliation that was far beyond her imagination before!Any attempt to receive the punishment bravely with her head held high, fails immediately only seconds after the first few strokes hit her unprotected buttocks! Tears are falling fast and all she could do was hoping and praying that this will be over soon and crying out her distress!

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